Club rules

1. Title and Objectives

club rules
  1. The title of the club will be Southend Manor Football Club.
  2. The Club-house and headquarters of the club shall be:
    • a. The Arena,
    • b. Southchurch Park,
    • c. Southend-on-sea,
    • d. Essex.
    • e. SS1 2TH
  3. The objectives of the club shall be:
  4. To provide sporting and social and recreational facilities for its members, to promote the game of Association Football amongst its members and to develop recreational, social and cultural activities amongst Southend Manor Football Club members, their families and their friends.
  5. To foster the spirit of friendship and to do everything to further the image and ideas of sportsmanship both at local and national and international level.
  6. To promote good citizenship amongst its members and provide a stable, friendly and disciplined environment from which players will progress in later life.
  7. The club fully supports and will abide by the Football Association's Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and the Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy. These policies are described later.

2. Membership

1. The Club shall consist of ordinary and honorary members. 2. Ordinary members may be amateur sportsmen or sportswomen registered or directly connected with Southend Manor Football Club. Ordinary members may also be the immediate family of the above registered sportsmen or sportswomen. Co-operated Committee Members will be regarded in all respects as Ordinary Members. 3. Honorary members shall be any person who shall be invited and deemed desirable to be made a member of the Club by the committee having the responsibility for the general management of the affairs of the Club. An example of an Honorary Member would be for instance a Club Sponsor. 4. Honorary Members shall not be liable to pay any entrance fee or subscription and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership except that they may not hold any offices, vote in any election or vote at any meeting. 5. All Ordinary Club Members will be required to pay an annual membership whose rate shall be set and amended from time to time by the Management Committee. Annual membership runs from 1st August of one year to 31st July of the following year. On receipt of which fee a membership card will be issued and should be carried by the Member at all times when in attendance at the Club. 6. Every member of the Club shall, subject to any Rules and By-laws for the time being in force, be entitled to use and enjoy (in common with other members of the Club ) the Club premises and things therein, provided by the Club for the use of the Club and shall not by reason of his or her membership be under any financial liability. 7. The Management Committee of the Club may refuse to admit any person as a member. Reasons for such a refusal will not be unreasonably withheld.

3. Officers of the Club

1. The Officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretaries, Treasurers and such officers as are considered necessary. Such officers shall hold office for a period of one year and shall be required to re-apply for election annually at the AGM. 2. The Management Committee of the Club shall consist also ex-officio of the above Officers as elected annually, plus not less than four other ordinary members of the Club elected at the Annual General Meeting. Should a vacancy occur on the Management Committee of an Ordinary Member, excluding ex-officio members, it shall be at the discretion of the Committee that the vacancy shall be filled at the following Management Committee Meeting. We have Codes Of Conduct too! 3. If a vacancy should arise in respect of any of the officers of the Club as mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, then such a vacancy may be filled by a Member of the Management Committee not already holding some other office within the Club by an elective majority of the members serving on the committee at a meeting called for the purpose of filling the said vacancy. Failing this, nominations from the wider Club membership or outside may be sought. It shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee as to whether the vacancy for any Club Officer shall be filled immediately or at the end of the season in which the vacancy occurs.

4.Elections and Committees

1. During the 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting there shall be posted in the Club-house for a clear 10 days, invitations for nominations for the following officers: a. Chairman b Vice-chairman c Secretary d. Treasurer e. and any other Club Officer in position under Rule 3.1 2. There shall be posted, not less than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting an invitation to all Ordinary Members to nominate other members to serve on the Management Committee, which Committee shall have the general management of the affairs of the Club. Such nominations shall be received no less than 7 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, save that the Annual General Meeting by a majority of Ordinary Members having the right to vote, Attending the Annual General Meeting may consent to receive late nominations for that committee, or for the officers the Club above mentioned. 3. Members elected to serve on the Management Committee shall hold office as a Committee Member for a period of one year. All Members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election immediately upon the termination of their period of office. 4. The Management Committee shall appoint, immediately upon its election, a Sub-committee to be concerned in the purchase for the Club and with the supply by the Club to the members of intoxicating liquor. Such Sub-committee shall consist of not less than 2 members of the Management Committee and also the person for the time being holding the post of Club Bar Steward.

5. General Meetings

1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held during the closed-season in every year for the presentation of the Reports of the Chairman, the Secretary and the Balance sheet of the Treasurer, and such other business of which notice in writing shall be given to the Honorary Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting. The notices giving the time and date of an Annual General Meeting shall be posted within the Club-house not less than 21 days before the date of the meeting. 2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called when the majority membership of the Management Committee deem it necessary. 3. A General meeting of the Club may be summoned at any time by the Management Committee upon an Ordinary Member delivering to the secretary a written notice stating a desire to hold a General Meeting and the purpose of the same, which Notice shall be signed by a minimum of 12 Ordinary Members. Such a General Meeting shall be called not less than 14 days following the delivery of such Notice. Notice of the date and time of such meeting shall be shortened at the discretion of the Management Committee if, in their opinion, the business to be discussed is of an urgent nature. 4. Any Ordinary Member may place a matter on the Agenda for a General Meeting by giving notice to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the day of the meeting. Members at the General Meeting may consent by a majority of those present to a matter being discussed, which has not been placed on the Agenda. 5. Only Ordinary Members shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting. In the case of equality, the Chairman of the Meeting shall have a second or casting vote. 6. A quorum for an AGM or EGM shall be 10 Ordinary Members

6. Management Committee Meetings

1. The meeting of the Committee having the general management of the affairs of the Club shall meet at such place and at such time and at such frequency as the Members therefore shall deem necessary. This will be, in ordinary circumstances, monthly throughout the year. 2. Minutes of all meetings called to discuss the Club’s business shall be taken and filed as appropriate.

7. Guests

1. Members may introduce not more than 4 guests on any one occasion at the Club, other than at a private function in which instance this number may be exceeded, and there shall be kept, on the premises, a visitors book in which both the introducing member and their guest(s) shall sign. The introducing member shall be responsible for his or her guests, strictly observing the Rules and By-laws of the Club and may not leave the Club premises before his or her guest. The Club Bar Steward or any Management Committee member may suspend any member who is deemed to take undue advantage of this privilege to the detriment of the Club. No person whose membership has been terminated by these Rules or any other person to whom admission to Membership of the Club has been refused shall at any time be introduced as a guest. 2. Persons, other than members and their guests, may be admitted to the premises and intoxicating liquor sold to them, providing these persons are sportsmen and sportswomen and their supporters directly connected with the activities of the Club and shall be deemed as bona fide guests for the duration of their visit. 3. Private Functions will be booked by a Club Member and all attendees will achieve the status of Guest on entry.

8. Conduct of Members


1. If any two members of the Management Committee considers that any member's conduct either inside or outside the Club's premises is contrary to the interest of the Club or injurious to its reputation, they may suspend such a member and the member immediately be excluded from the Club premises. The above mentioned any two members shall within 2 days give notice of such suspension and exclusion to the secretary. 2. The Management Committee shall investigate the conduct of any member suspended under this Rule and either annul the suspension of the member or terminate his or her membership. 3. The member shall be given full opportunity under this rule to appeal against suspension or termination of membership to the Chairman or Vice-Chairman. 4. No illegal gambling or betting shall be allowed in the Club and any member who is found to have broken this rule shall be suspended forthwith. 5. The Club has a strict policy on the use by any Ordinary or Honorary Members or their guests of illegal drugs or solvent abuse. Persons found indulging in either will be ejected and in the case of members shall have their membership revoked without appeal.

9. Complaints

. All complaints shall be in writing to the Management Committee whose decision will be final

10. Finances and Expenses

  1. Whilst it would not generally be expected, all expenses of all the Officers and Management Committee reasonably incurred on behalf of the Club for stationery, printing, postage and such matters may be paid out of the general funds of the Club.
  2. A bank account shall be opened and maintained in the name of the Club, ( the Club Account ). Designed account signatories shall be the Club Chairperson, the Club Secretary and the Club Treasurer. No sum shall be drawn from the Club account except by cheque signed by two of the three designated signatories. All monies payable to the Club shall be received by the treasurer and deposited into the Club account.
  3. The income and assets of the Club ( the Club property ) shall be applied only in the furtherance of the objectives of the Club.
  4. The Club Committee shall have power to authorise the payment of remuneration and expenses to any member of the Club and to any other persons for services rendered to the Club.
  5. The Club shall prepare an annual financial statement for presentation to the AGM.
  6. The Club Property, other than the Club Account, shall be vested in not less than two and not more than four custodians, one of whom shall be the Treasurer ( The Custodians ) who shall deal with the Club property as directed by decisions of the Club Committee and entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence of such a decision.
  7. The Custodians shall be appointed by the Club in a General Meeting and shall hold office until death or resignation unless removed by a resolution passed at a General Meeting.
  8. On such removal or resignation a Custodian shall execute a Conveyance in such form as is published by the Football Association from time to time to a newly elected Custodian or to the existing other Custodians as directed by the Club Committee. On the death of a Custodian, any Club Property vested in them shall vest automatically in the surviving Custodians. If there is only one surviving Custodian a special General Meeting shall be convened as soon as possible to appoint another Custodian(s).
  9. The Custodians shall be entitled to an indemnity out of Club Property for all expenses and other liabilities reasonably incurred by them in the carrying out of their duties.

11. Exclusion of Liability

1. Neither the Club nor any officer thereof shall be liable to any member or guest for any loss or damage to any property from whatever cause, in or about the Club premises, nor for any injury sustained by him or his guest, whilst on or entering or leaving the Club premises. Members and visitors should take all reasonable precautions at all times with their personnel possessions. 2. Whilst the Club will be insured for its buildings, its contents, its employer and third party liabilities, it is a condition of the acceptance of a player’s registration that he/she signs an indemnity letter which will be provided at the time of registration. Such letter will indemnify the Club against injury to the player caused whilst travelling to or from matches, during matches and at training sessions.

12. Intoxicating Liquor

1. Intoxicating liquor may be sold to members and their guests. 2. No person under the age of 18 years may purchase or consume liquor on the premises. Identification will be requested. 3. No person under the age of 14 years may be admitted within one metre of the bar of the Club-house whilst the bar is open for the supply of intoxicating liquor save on such functions held within the Club and within the discretion of the Management Committee. 4. The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be in accordance with the normal permitted hours for the area. 5. No person shall receive at the expense of the Club any commission percentage or similar payment, on or with reference to the purchase of intoxicating liquor by the Club; nor shall derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply or sale of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to the members or others apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole. 6. No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied to members or to any other person on the premises otherwise by or on behalf of the Club.

13. Use of the Club Premises

1. The Club Premises shall be available for hire for outside functions at the discretion of the Management Committee. 2. Notification be given to the Licensing Authorities via the Club Solicitor 14 days prior to any time the hall is to be hired out for a private function where a licence extension is required.

14. Borrowing Powers

If at any time the Club in general meeting pass a resolution authorising the Management Committee to borrow money, the Management Committee shall thereupon be empowered to borrow for the purposes of the Club such amount of money either at one time or from time to time and at such a rate of interest and in such form and manner and upon such security as shall be specified in such resolution. Thereupon the trustees shall at the discretion of the Management Committee make all such dispositions of the Club property or any part thereof and enter into such agreements in relation thereto as the Management Committee may deem proper for giving security for such loans and interest. All members of the Club after the passing of such resolutions or not, and all persons becoming members of the Club after the passing of such resolution, shall be deemed to have assented to the same as if they had voted in favour of such resolution.

15. Dissolution

1. A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three quarters of the members present. 2. The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the members of the Club Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Club. 3. Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the Club shall be transferred to the Parent Association who shall determine how the assets shall be utilised for the benefit of the game. Alternately such assets may be disposed of in such other manner as the Members of the Club with the consent of the Parent Association shall determine.

16. Interpretation of these Rules

Any difficulty with regard to the interpretation of these Rules shall be resolved by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.